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1. Deities
i. Morrigan

2. Spells/Rituals
i. Banishing Spells

3. Moonphases
i. Waning

Banishing Spell with Morrigan

☆ First performed on a waning moon at around 9pm.
☆ The altar was dedicated to Crow and Raven, with various corvid skulls, feathers and items.
☆ Used items were candles, incense (musk), coloured paper, pencil, (my)blood, music and a Raven feather

★ Three candles were lit, one for each phase of the Goddess. Incense was also lit.

★ I used music and chanting of Morrigan's name to empower myself and the space, and to prepare myself for ritual. I also asked the four elements to come forward, as well as Spirit, Crow and Wolf. I asked Spirit to protect me with it's white energy.

★ Making sure I was all pented up with Her energy, I wrote down everything I wanted to rid myself of on the paper. Things like 'depression', 'hate', etc. I wrote 'GO AWAY' all over it too.

★ I used blood from my finger to 'seal' the paper, and called upon the energy of Morrigan once again to rid myself of these things.

★ I then tore up the paper and placed it in the pot with the third candle, and watched it set alight. I carried the flaming pot to the window and watched it burn, knowing that it represented my problems burning away.

★ Eventually I had to stop it burning myself and then closed the 'open' circle. (I don't have the room for closed circles so I use my whole room area as a sacred space.) I thanked Morrigan, and then had green tea and a slice of ginger cake to ground.

Notes - I very rarely use blood in ritual. In this case, I used it from a finger that I had pricked with my blood-sugar kit. Since this was Morrigan I thought it was appropriate to offer her some of my own blood in return of her presence.


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